Authentic Italian cuisine

Every once in a while I am truly inspired by a blog post I ramble upon. Here is one of them!  Please check out the gorgeous photographs of food.  I feel like the author truly captured the essence of Italian food.


You know, Sardinia is my  second home & I love it in a deep ,true , visceral way : as you love a good friend you don’t see very often & you miss so much.

I love it not just for its natural stunning beauties ,not only  for the sincere & fantastic  people living there, not only for its historical places & archeological magical sites ….but for the food too!

Last October I stayed by a special Hotel in the heart of Sardinia ( Barbagia area ) that has a great restaurant inside : usually I follow the rule “don’t eat in the same place where you sleep ” but this time……it would have  been such a great mistake!

Because it was so good, so special, so tasty so perfect in every aspects :from the lovely service to the location ,  top quality & local ingredients used. I told to…

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