A lucky day in Lucca, part 2

There is so much to see in Lucca, one post is never enough. I was recently lucky enough, in yellow zone, to travel from Florence to Lucca for the day. Here’s part 2 of what I saw.

Paolo Guinigi was a lord of Lucca from 1400 to 1430. During its heyday, Lucca had a forest of tall towers scattered around the city proper. Today, only a few remain, but the Guinigi family’s Torre is fortunately one of them. You can often climb the stairs inside this tower and go all the way to the top, where there is a small forest of trees. Naturally, because of Covid, the tower was closed.

In Lucca, as in so many smaller cities and towns in Tuscany, death notices are placed on community boards. It was bittersweet to see a white-haired man stopping to read the notices in Lucca. Arrividerci to Roberto and Franco, who died recently at ages 79 and 85 respectively. RIP.

I was fortunate to find the lovely little Gothic church of Santa Maria della Rosa open.

It’s tiny rose window is beautiful. To me, its simplicity makes it striking.

The main altar is striking:

The north wall of this little Gothic masterpiece is composed of glass:

Just outside the church is this doorway, devoted to a 20th century saint Gemma Galgani, who was a mystic. The church next to her house commemorates here with an altar and bespoke candles.

Now, images from my wanderings around Lucca:

Below: the sign of the little street of happiness

This satirical news notice says the Covid vaccine works like Viagra. And, it makes hair grow on the heads of the old!

Below, as I was walking back through Lucca on my way to the train station, the Basilica of San Martino had opened and I was able to enter and listen to part of the mass.

One last look back at the Lucca before departing, here’s a video of the oval piazza which covers the site of a Roman era amphitheater.

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