Souvenirs from Mantua; Palazzo Ducale, il Duomo & San Lorenzo

February is a good month to clean house, especially this February when we’re in the Yellow Zone. Can’t travel, even to Pisa!

The facade of the Ducal Palace

And the cloud isn’t big enough to store all my photos of bella Italia! So it’s time to Marie Kondo away, at least with my pictures! Once I’ve posted them, I delete them from my albums and thus feel like I’m cleaning things up!

I’m starting with my pictures from Mantua. Mantova, the Italian name for the town, is a fabulous town in northern Italy. I might even like to live there in my next lifetime.

A side view of the Ducal Palace
The moat within the Ducal Palace. I would think this is the best way to offload goods or troops, when needed.
Sharing the Ducal Palace is the cathedral, San Pietro.
I find the medieval exterior side walls more lovely than the Baroque facade .
Nearby, the Rotonda di San Lorenzo, the oldest church in the city.

I’ll be back soon with more posts on the gorgeous artworks in Mantova. Arrividerci!

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