Pesce d’aprile

In America, we say “April fool’s!”

In Italy, we say “Pesce d’aprile” or April Fish.


I’m told the name comes from a common joke that involves sticking a drawing of a pesciolino (little fish) onto the back of an unsuspecting victim. Then, everyone else asks if anyone has seen “April’s fish” and makes jokes about that person – when, of course, the victim doesn’t know it’s them.

L’hai visto? (Have you seen him/her?)

Chi? (Who?)

Il pesce d’Aprile! (The April fish!)

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Countdown to wisteria splendor!

The wisteria in Italy is magnificent.  I may not be able to view it in my favorite places this spring, because of the La Quarentena.  However, I got a sneak preview on my way to the market recently.  Crossing over the Mugnone river near my home, is a lovely little pedestrian bridge that somebody beautifully planned.  It has an arbor above and a gorgeous wisteria vine covering it.

Here’s the overpass and you can see that the wisteria is getting ready to burst into bloom!


Here are close ups of the racemes in their current state of growth.  I hope I’ll have the chance to see it in bloom in a couple of weeks.