Lilacs in Italy, highly underrated and underutilized!

I will never understand why lilacs are so underused in Italy. They are among my favorite blooming shrubs of all time, yet one almost never sees them here.

Recently I spotted a rare planting of them near the Horticultural Garden in Florence. I went a little bit nuts with the pictures of them, but you must remember we are under lockdown and there isn’t much stimulation in my everyday life at the moment!

Striving for perfection

Walking through the Horticultural Garden during lockdown (are you as bored with this phrase as I am with lockdown itself?), I came upon a striking scene. The palazzo in the background has a pinkish hue and the bright pink blossoms on the fruit tree, against the palazzo and the clear, luminous sky, made for quite a picture! I attempted to capture it with my phone camera.

Try 1:

Try 2:

Try 3:

Try 4:

Try 5:

Try 6: I gave up on capturing the pink palazzo and just went for the blossoms, bark, and sky. Perfection? Not close.

Try 6: I gave up on the blossoms and refreshed my eyes with bright, green foliage alone, against an azure sky. Close enough.

My tiny little aperture on life, part 2

In my neighborhood I am delighted to have the Horticultural Garden with this fantastic 19th century glass house. We may be in complete lock down, but about once a day I can feast my eyes on this beautiful sight.

There are 2 large carved vases near the glass house, with relief sculptures all around each. Until today, I never noticed the interesting scenes. What do you think they depict? I am at a loss. High drama, for sure!

My current tiny little aperture

Dateline: Florence, Italy

Status: Zona Rossa, in English this is the Red Zone (meaning, stay in your homes people, unless you need to go out for groceries or to see the doctor)

Mood: bored, bracing for insanity

Ha ha. I wish this were an April Fool’s post, but alas, Italy is in the red zone and we are confined to our homes. The only legal chance to leave home, aside from shopping for food or medicine, is a short walk in your immediate neighborhood. Fortunately for me, the Horticultural Garden is nearby, and the season is spring, so I can get some relief. My next few posts will be centered on this tiny little aperture on life.