Jimminy Cricket, just because…

I didn’t post anything in the past two weeks doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything!

So, let me catch you up!


I encountered a stand of hollyhocks while looking for an iced Americano.


I went to see the exhibit at SAM on Japanese Fashion of the past 30 years.  Love this dress!


Here’s another masterpiece from the exhibition.


And one more in black that proves my point that turbans are under utilized!


What’s that you say? You didn’t know I had a position on the wearing of turbans?  Well I certainly do!

Here’s how I know:


That’s me in the brown turban while in Morocco climbing a mountain of sand in the Sahara Desert.  I can tell you that turbans not only look good and add drama and mystery, they serve the useful purpose of keeping the sand out of your mouth and nose.


This camel driver knows the truth!

Ciao, ragazzi!

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