Where have I been?

Thank you to my many followers who’ve asked where I have been!  I’ve been absent from my blog because…

I have spent the last five weeks since I returned from my 3 month sojourn to Italy trying to get back to Italy asap.  I’ve got a bad case of Italy fever and it just never lets up!  It’s a great fever to have and I can’t wait to get back.

But before I can return, there are many hoops I must jump through.  I am really tired from all the jumping I’ve been doing!

Image result for jumping through hoops

I borrowed the image above from Google images (thank you Google), but think of me as the woman with the glasses and briefcase jumping through the hoop held by the barefooted woman who in this case represents the Italian government.

What you don’t see is how hard it is to first of all figure out where the hoops are located!  And then once a hoop is located, there are all kinds of complications before you can even think about jumping through it!  Here’s an image to help you visualize how I’ve been spending the past 5 weeks.


Another blogger has written a post that covers some of my issues.  If you want to go to Italy for longer than three months, here’s a great place to start to understand the process:


I’ll be back subito, I promise!

pink hoops

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