Edible gold made, where else?, in Florence.

Here’s another good blog post I enjoyed.  I would never consume gold flakes; it seems like the most wasteful thing a person can do to me.  But I still like knowing about it.


Not just arts & fashion in Florence, it is also a city worldwide renowed for its goldsmiths shops on the Ponte Vecchio , the small artisans studios & also this kind of gold :genuine 23 kt gold & genuine silver available in flakes ( yes as corn flakes😂😂) crumbs ,powder & leaves to be used in the kitchen !

The prestigiouswww.manetti.it the full name is Giusto Manetti Battiloro ( in which “batti l’ oro ” means gold beater) was founded in Florence in 1820 ,this is one of oldest producers of such kind of gold used in the past since the 15th century by Florentine noble familes on their luxury banquets to enrich their tables.

Why don’t you try it on a fresh fruits salad, or on a creamy golden tiramisù , on a risotto with truffles, or on a glass of champagne , as sugar powder , or…

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