The most beautiful room ever!

I’ve been fortunate to be in some great spaces throughout my lifetime.  But, without question, this is the prettiest room I’ve ever been in!

This is a ballroom in the Royal Palace of Venaria, outside Turin, Italy.  The Palace was used originally as a hunting lodge for the royals of the House of Savoy.  Over the centuries, the palace has had many uses, even being used as barracks during the nineteenth century and then abandoned.  In 2007 the Venaria was restored and is now one of the main attractions of Turin.
















Through the French doors and windows that run along the two main sides of the room, you can view the formal gardens that were planted during the restoration project in 2007.  The gardens are still young, but one can see how lovely it will be when the plantings are mature.




The Venaria is a gorgeous place to visit.  Amazing to think that a decade ago it was still abandoned!



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