From China to Italy and back again.

The circle of life.



Porcelain, commonly known in English as “china,” was first produced around 2000 years ago in China.  It was coveted in Europe after its introduction there by the time of the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644 AD).  The Ming Dynasty controlled much of the porcelain trade via the Silk Road. In 1517, Portuguese merchants began direct trade by sea with the Ming Dynasty, and in 1598, Dutch merchants followed.



The Doccia porcelain manufactory, at Doccia near Florence, was founded in 1735 by marchese Carlo Ginori near his villa. Now known as Richard-Ginori, (following its merger with Società Richard of Milan), as of February, 2013 it was acquired by Gucci.


Back to China:

Gucci plans  improve the factory in Florence, concentrate on high-end products, and sell products under its name in luxury markets such as China.

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