A bronze fountain composed of stacked toddlers


Poor Giorgio Vasari! I just don’t know what to make of the tiny little “piazza” that was named in Florence in his honor.  For the father of the history of art, I think he deserves something a little grander, don’t you?

Honestly, the piazza is such a throw away space that I can’t even make a screenshot of a Google Maps image to add to this post.  The location isn’t even marked, other than being a pinpoint on a short street called “Piazza Giorgio Vasari.”

So, because I am an intrepid searcher when it comes to arcane facts, here are the 3 things you should know about this unloved piazza on the north east side of Florence.

  1. It is named after Giorgio Vasari, who was a talented painter in his own right, but also the Father of Art History
  2. It is graced with a marker dedicated to all the citizens who were victims of war (sometimes this marker has a laurel wreath placed over it)


3. It has, at it’s center, a strange bronze sculpture of stacked toddlers





The next time I walk through the piazza, I will take a note on the foundry and artist markings on the fountain.  It was too dark this time.

Strange, but true, the fountain of stacked bambini marking the Piazza Giorgio Vasari!

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