For posterity, a marker in Florence

One of the millions of things I love about Italy is:  they never miss an opportunity to mark something for posterity.  No matter how modest the contribution.

Case in point, a stone’s throw from my home on the north end of Florence is an underground parking lot in a neighborhood known as the “Parterre.”  It serves a vital function of providing parking for some of the thousands of cars that cannot enter historic Florence on any given day, because the historic center is designated a pedestrian area and does not allow entry for unauthorized vehicles.

The above-ground section marking the Parterre is nothing much to brag about:


But, nevertheless, the city’s leaders wanted credit given to the masterminds behind the underground parking, and to this end they installed a very grand-sounding plaque with inscriptions lauding them all.



4 thoughts on “For posterity, a marker in Florence

  1. Reminds me of a family holiday in France, where every little village seemed to be full of beautiful flower displays. When we got back to the UK we saw a sign on a weed infested overgrown grass verge that said, “WELCOME TO KENT: THE GARDEN OF ENGLAND”! :D

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