The view from an elegant Ponte Vecchio jewelry shop

Last week I did something very unusual for me. I shopped in a jewelry store on the famed Ponte Vecchio. Looking at the photos I took from that shop on that beautiful autumn day makes me wonder if I purchased because I was entranced by the view. Maybe or maybe not. I must say, I do love what I bought.

But, check it out! I think you’ll understand!





I was invited to go upstairs in the tiny Ponte Vecchio shop to take in the view from the terrace above.  Amazing.










The tiny wooden stairway that led to the upper level was a work of art.  The photo below does not do it justice. It was taken from above, looking down.



I was very surprised to see how spacious the upper level was.  I didn’t see it, but I am told that from the bathroom up here, you can see into the Vasari Corridor.



Looking at these 2 large rooms in this supremely situated space, I had to wonder about creating an apartment to live here.  A nice pipe dream.



And last, but not least, I am always fascinated by the textile trim work to be found in this beautiful country!






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