Ginevra Cantofoli, who are you?

On a recent visit to Padova, I was arrested by some paintings in the Museo Civici, both done by Ginevra Cantofoli.  I vowed to write a post on this intriguing painter, and here it is.  It isn’t much…I hope someday to add more.


All I can add right now is this info from Wiki:

Ginevra Cantofoli
Born 1618

Bologna, Italy
Died 1672 (aged 53–54)
Nationality Italian
Known for Painting
Movement Baroque

Ginevra Cantofoli (1618–1672) was an Italian painter. She was active in the Baroque period.

Scena Allegorica. Date unknown.

Cantofoli was born in Bologna, Italy in 1618.

Cantfoli received her training as an artist from Elisabetta Sirani in Bologna. She painted works for several churches. These works included a Last Supper for the Church of San Procolo, a St. Thomas of Villanova for San Giacomo Maggiore, and a St. Apollonia for the Church of La Morte.

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