Santa Trinita, another look

Recently I posted about Santa Trinita and I just had another chance to pay it another visit.  It was a sunny day following a week of rain, and it just felt good to be out and in the sunshine.  You might notice that the city of Florence has begun decorating for Christmas already!

The Mannerist facade by Buontalenti:

The beautifully carved central doors:

You must never forget the fabulous column and Roman statue in the piazza outside the church:


Once more, the facade:



Inside the church we are fortunate to see the extant old Romanesque facade of the church. Luckily for posterity, they didn’t destroy it when they constructed the new front for the church:


One either side of the central door, inside the church are these tombstones and paintings:


The interior:






The Chapel containing the (presumed) Donatello:




The statue of Mary Magdalene by Desiderio di Settignano:



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