Christmas time in Milan

On a recent trip to Milan to visit some museums (I avoid them during the high season, as I like to enjoy my art without crowds), I enjoyed many random bits of holiday time throughout the city.

Milan is apparently planning on having a super Christmas this year:



I enjoyed the following billboard that reassures us that Father Christmas is real (at least if you have an iPhone 11 with Iliad):






The famous pastry shop, Marchesi, founded in 1824,  has wonderful windows:







The Marchesi building is a quaint affair on a major thoroughfare.



Scenes like the one below are fun to spot throughout the city:



And the warm glow from an old-style paper store on a cold winter evening is a lovely sight:


I visit a lot of churches (looking for art), and while most have a creche scene, very few are decorated like this one in Milan.  It is Santa Maria delle Grazie, the church attached to the convent rectory with that famous scene of a last supper….


And, on the train ride home from Milan, I saw snow! The first I’ve seen this year!

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