Leonardo’s Last Supper, Milan



















Dear Fellow Former Met Girl,

So, I think you will enjoy this. I had a ticket to visit the Last Supper for 15 minutes on Wednesday at 5 pm. That’s how they do it nowadays. You buy your ticket online if you want to be sure to get in. No more dropping by anything interesting in Italy anymore; sure, you can try, but you will most likely be disappointed.

My visits to the Scrovegni Chapel were 20 minutes long. Didn’t realize I was spoiled with that!

Anyhoo, I have a new iPhone and it has a mind of its own. Typically when I take a video, the light doesn’t come on. So, I was making a video of the last supper when I heard this screeching coming from somewhere in the refectory. I knew right away somebody had made a faux-pas.

I kept filming until I realized, when 2 Italian matrons were bum-rushing me, that the faux pas was mine. My camera light was on and that was a huge no- no.

I turned off my camera and apologized profusely, explaining that I didn’t know the light was on. Finally they stood down, but only after telling me I had to delete the video. I promised to do so and acted like I was.

But, I kept it and here it is for all the world to enjoy!

This is how a former Met girl goes to Milan. Just like a bronze foundry in Brooklyn!

xx, L




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