Canal Saint Martin, Paris and Parisian firefighters

Constructed under orders from Napoleon to bring fresh potable water into the French capitol, the canal still functions today.  It also provides a breath of fresh green space and a water view into the city.










But, it also is the training space for the Parisian firefighters, as you can see in the pictures below.  Brrr….that water has to be cold in Janvier!

















Canal Saint-Martin
The tree-lined Canal Saint-Martin is the focal point
of one of the most romantic and hip areas of Paris.
Watch boats travel along the canal while lovers and
friends take in the atmosphere from the banks or the
bridges. Evenings see hoards fill the embankments to
drink wine and enjoy good company. The colder days
lead people to hipster bars, cozy restaurants, and
concert spaces. Those who are more adventurous may
explore hidden gems down nearby streets, from local
bars to futuristic architecture. With its enriching
mix of people of all ages and backgrounds, this
neighborhood has a dynamic, inspiring vibe.

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