First day out of the apartment, off to the supermercato

On St. Patrick’s Day this year I celebrated by going to the grocery store! It was a beautiful day in Florence and I packed up my shopping cart, grocery list, and the signed legal document stating where I live, where I was going, what time all this would happen, and off I went.  Here are the things I saw:



Spring is busting out!






All over Italy, homemade signs with a rainbow and the words “Andra’ tutto bene!” are appearing.  It means, everything will be ok.







The line for the grocery store was about 100 people long when I got there.  Soon I was in the middle of a longer line.  The line moved very quickly. They let about 25 of us in at one time, about everything 8 minutes.

Looking ahead of me in the line:



Looking behind me in the line. Btw, the trams are still running, but they looked pretty empty.





I gotta say, just getting out, even if just for the supermarket, lifted my spirits. P.S. the grocery store was fully stocked. No panic shopping.  Civilized people. Just sayin’… USA.  Honestly. :-((

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