What day is it?

I woke up today convinced it was Monday.  It is Sunday. Who can tell anymore?

Consulting my social media, I discovered it is Palm Sunday.  I received this from some Italian friends. It wishes a happy Palm Sunday, saying “this olive branch is for all of you with all of my heart.” The heart shape says the princes and the princesses.  I’m not sure what that means on the picture.  That is typical of my life here: I am never really sure what anything means.  Ha ha.  I’m having a bad day, I think, although it has just started, so who knows for sure.  Ha ha.


Palm Sunday and Holy Week are of course a big deal in Italy.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, almost a month of quarantine is a lot to cope with. The highlight of my day is watching Andrew Cuomo give his update.  The voice of compassion and reason, in the middle of a big scare.

According the experts, it is still too soon for Italy to release us.  The current end date is April 13, but everyone expects it to be extended to at least May.


Well, here are some pictures from my recent foray to the supermarket. Empty Florence.

The pictures are repetitive, just like my life.



This is me:


4 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. It is a trying time. I lose patience with those making TP jokes. Then I feel bad. They are coping through humor. We all have to find a means to steady ourselves and then cast anchor on it. I am glad your friends called to mind this holy day. At least they are expressing a kind of hope.

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