A 2nd visit to the Duomo’s art museum

There is a lot to absorb in this incredibly rich museum and I decided to take it in chunks this week.  After two great visits, I still need to go back to take in more.  Soon.

An elegant, Gothic period, sculptural pas de deux of The Annunciation. It has always been my favorite episode represented in Christian art.




The museum has ingeniously set up the famous bronze doors of the Baptistery so that both the front and back sides can be viewed.



Entering the room that sets up the original, 15th century appearance of the duomo’s facade. Such an impressive feat for a museum.




Great museum labeling provides context.  Below, it is explained how the area between the baptistery and the facade of a church was traditionally called a “paradise.” Therefore, Ghiberti’s “Doors of Paradise” so-named by Michelangelo, can be understood in situ.


Below, Pope Boniface VIII by Arnolfo di Cambio, the duomo’s architect.




A reconstruction of the facade:


A plan of the facade:










And now, the second set of doors, for the north side of the Baptistery by Ghiberti:




Above and below, the Annunciation by Ghiberti:









The Gates of Paradise by Ghiberti:




Above you see Ghiberti’s self-portrait in the bust that extend:







The doors by Andrea Pisano for south side of the Baptistery.  There were the first of the 3 sets to be done.





A view of the 3 sets of doors as displayed in the museum.

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