A November day in Florence, 2020, Part 1

What a beautiful Monday in Florence this week! Especially for November! Piazzale Michelangelo was calling my name.

The view above is my absolute favorite vista of Florence. I love the line of the 12th century walls that once encircled the entire city.

Such a pretty terrace from which to view the city and environs.

The short-cut gate was open, allowing me to enter the Rose Garden from above. I love it when this happens!

The rosemary was in bloom and fully scented. Such a welcome sight and smell.

True to its name, many roses were still blooming in the garden.

The first fountain, entering from the upper east side of the garden, was in full glory, although the koi were not showing off.

But, the koi were enjoying the November sun in the next fountain:

So many lovely flowers still in bloom.

The 3rd fountain in the garden:

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