More art treasures from the Uffizi collection

On a recent Sunday visit to the Uffizi, I snapped a few pictures of paintings that caught my eye on that particular day. It is such a luxury to visit the Uffizi often and turn attention to paintings that catch my eye. Now that we are in a semi lockdown and the museums are closed, I like to look back and study in some detail these marvelous works.

Gentile da Fabriano is one of my favorite Quattrocento painters and this altarpiece is a masterpiece.

This altarpiece below, by Antonello da Messina, seems so modern to me. It is difficult to believe it dates to the 1400s. To me it looks like it was painted in the 1800s. Maybe it is just the modern frame.

No, it isn’t just the frame. The Madonna and child both look 19th century to me.

I will travel far and wide to see paintings by Andrea Mantegna. Fortunately, I only have to go into Florence’s centro to admire this lovely altarpiece by the talented quattrocento painter.

Beatrice d’Este is a fascinating Renaissance era woman and this portrait is stunning! Look at the way her hair is dressed; look at her incredible dress with its amazing sleeves. The jewels, the fabrics! Wow.

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