The beautiful 19th-century glass house near my home in Florence

When most people think of Florence, they think of Medieval buildings and Renaissance paintings and sculpture. But, Florence is a living, breathing city and I love finding traces of subsequent centuries throughout the city I am lucky enough to live in.

In the park that is called a horticultural garden that is a couple of blocks from my apartment is this gorgeous 19th century glass house. They were all the rage in the 19th century, especially notable in the UK. But, Italy has some too, as you can see here.

Look at how pretty it looks at dusk on a foggy evening!

The views from the hillside belvedere behind the glass house provides amazing views of the city. See the Duomo’s dome off in the distance, and Giotto’s bellower? Lovely.

And, not 3 blocks away from this public garden, on the major street leading out of Florence from here, on the Via Bolognese, is another period glass house that I adore. This one belongs to a private home. I would have loved being the owner of this 19th century glass house had I been a Florentine of the 19th century. What a luxury!

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