Siena’s cathedral, some interesting details

There are so many things about Siena’s cathedral to admire, it is sometimes difficult to zero in one what would be main attractions in any other church.

The striped inlay of light and dark marble is a major decorative feature of this Gothic cathedral.
I am always attracted by the candles lit in memory of passed souls. I always light candles for my mom, my aunts, my grandmothers, my dad, friends who have passed, etc etc etc. Unfortunately, the list now goes on and on.
I loved this beautiful poem written in lovely script by these candles.
This is a so called miraculous painting. It has allegedly performed many miracles.
I’ve never forgotten this was of hearts since I first visited the cathedral in 1979. I always go back and have a look again, any time I am in Siena.
The dome is beautiful.
The top of the dome is lovely.
The pavement of the cathedral is a notable art work in itself as the poster above tells.
I love the baldachino above the hight altar.
Details within details with detail. It would take forever to see every detail of this church.
The cathedral beckons for you at the Piazza del Campo.

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