Palazzo Ducale, Mantova

In October of 2020 I had the pleasure of spending several days in Mantova. I love this city! It is sweet to look back, especially when winter is upon us.

The Palazzo Ducale is splendid and requires at least a day to see all of it.


The facade of the Cathedral of Saint Peter, Piazza Sordello. Opposite the Palazzo Ducale.
The medieval side walls of the cathedral made me think of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. That museum is Neo-medieval.

Doesn’t the architecture below look like London? To me, it does.

The Palazzo Ducale goes on forever and is bordered by a moat, then a viale, then a lake. It was well defended by water when it was built.

A detail of a moat.

One of the many foods for which Mantua is faros is the sbisolana. I tried it and liked it. It is a sweet confection. Somehow I am missing pictures of mine. Weird.

Mantuans strolling the Piazza delle Erbe.
Many fine restaurants line this piazza. Most are well known for Mantuan delicacies.
A striking palazzo at the edge of the Piazza delle Erbe
A detail.
The grain market is a fascinating building in Mantova.

Below, we are back at Piazza delle Erbe.

The famous Rotondo di San Lorenzo.

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