Via Tornabuoni at Christmas this year

Well, needless to say, Florence is different this Christmas. We in Tuscany are now in “zone orange” which gives us a lot more freedom to enjoy the city and the city made a valiant effort to decorate itself for the holidays, but there are fewer decorations than in years past. But, Via Tornabuoni is completely turned out and a joy to see!

Here is a virtual tour for you!

Please join me on a virtual window shopping escapade, through the tony section of this great city. First stop: Chanel:

I don’t know about you, but the scrawny mannequin seems to me to promote anorexia. Who would want to look like this?!

Moschino has a pretty pink confection that I would actually wear.

Bit. for me, hands down, Pucci always wins the day. I love, love, love this summer dress and head piece.

This Ferretti outfit is attractive and the fluffy tulle collar is delightful!

And, what window shopping escape is complete without a stop for a warm beverage and sweets. Gilli is adorned for the season.

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