Stop for a new hope: Lediesis poster

The street artists known as Lediesis, have created 2 new posters honoring powerful women.

The famous Italian street artists Lediesis, just after the Superwomen exhibition at the Semiottagono delle Murate, in collaboration with MUS.E, Festival of Rights and Florence Queer Festival, just at a time when every space dedicated to culture is closed due to Covid, explored other ways to exhibit their art.

And, despite the restrictive measures adopted to contain the pandemic, in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence and the Festival of Rights, they presented two new icons that represent the path of emancipation and awareness of women in this complex historical period.

The new Superwomen will be exhibited around Florencein poster format 70x100cm starting from this weekend until the end of the year in a sort of outdoor exhibition that makes use of the spaces of the Municipality dedicated to billboards.

Lediesis moved their “Superwomen” exhibition to Florence, in collaboration with MAD – Murate Art District; the exhibition is a very original tribute to the great female personalities of the world of art, cinema and literature. All are decorated with the “S” in flames, signifying superman, just to play with the reversal of roles, and by the wink they give the viewer, a gesture that wants to create empathy and complicity.

The exhibition, created in collaboration with the Florence Queer Festival and the Municipality of Florence, was inaugurated on in October 2020 in the presence of the Councilor for Rights and Equal Opportunities Sara Funaro, and ran through November.

Lediesis represented women of different history and culture but united by an incredible will and strength of spirit. So here is Peggy Guggenheim, the last dogaressa, Alda Merini, our greatest and most tormented poetess, the controversial Marina Abramovic, the Oscar-winning director Lina Wertmuller, Frida Kahlo, a painter who symbolizes resilience, the divine Maria Callas, the chameleon Yayoi Kusama, up to the magnificent Marlene Dietrich, muse of androgyny depicted in the famous Moroccan dresses.

To complete the exhibition, there will also be two new Superwomen, created exclusively for the Festival. One is Lashana Lynch, the actress who will play the new agent 007 (out in theaters in April 2021) and the other is the young Ellie Goldstein, the Gucci model with the down syndrome. The exhibition will be titled “Stop for a new hope.”

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