My walks through Florence during lockdown

I stretch out my walks to the farmacia or fruttivendolo, taking in as much of Florence as possible during these long, difficult days of Covid lockdown. I inhale things of beauty or interest with the fresh air.

I have no idea what this strange sticker means. I spotted it on a traffic light pole at a major intersection. As you can see, it shows Benjamin Franklin in an astronaut suit, space rockets in the background, and the word “saint” repeated all over. What can it mean?

Walking down a major boulevard, I noticed this charming small entrance among many grand entrances. The shiny green door with a brass kick plate, handle, and peephole, the elegant little set is topped off with a glass and iron canopy to shield a person from rain as they open their door. More iron work bars with prickly extensions prevent the ubiquitous pigeons from resting here. I’d love to see what lies inside this lovely doorway.

As you can see, a garden lies inside as well. I am very intrigued!

This grand doorway is more typical of the entrances on this boulevard. It has monumental and highly ornamented door-knockers.

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