The Istituto Matteucci, for the study of 19th and 20th century Italian art

Based in Viareggio is an amazing resource for any students of “modern” Italian art:

From the website:

“The Matteucci Institute has as its main mission the critical examination and the study of the 19th and 20th century Italian painting, one of the most attractive and innovative period of modern art. Its primary purpose is the systematic cataloguing through scientific index cards, drawn up according to the OA model adopted by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

“A unique resource which allows the Institute to offer support and competence for initiatives and services about the art of that period: exhibitions, events, editorial projects, inventories, expert’s reports and evaluations.

“This activity is accompanied by the organisation of exhibitions, seminars and educational plans which take place at Viareggio premises.

The real strength of the Institute is the cognitive and philological research of the painting in order to reconstruct its genesis and cultural ambit, as well as establish its autography and stylistic authorship.”

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