Palazzo Te, Mantua and its grotto.

Palazzo Te, in Mantua, should be high on any art lover’s list of places to see in Italy. I finally got to see it a few months ago, when Covid restrictions were very light. Ah, the good old days!

The photo above shows the main building of the Palazzo Te, as see from inside the complex and at the far end of the grassy courtyard.

The picture above is taken from inside the arcade within the main building, looking across the grassy courtyard to the far end.

The Palazzo Te complex is a glorious work of art and the paintings inside are beyond belief.

At the far end of the grassy courtyard of the complex, there is a beautiful little grotto:

Looking out from the grotto.
Inside the grotto.
Above, the entrance to the grotto.

There is so much more to see, I’ll be back soon with more pictures from Mantua and Palazzo Te!

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