Frustration in Florence

I might have mentioned this before, but I am frustrated with the Covid pandemic. Who isn’t? In Italy we are still more or less locked down. It isn’t the red zone lock down, during which we can’t leave our homes without a good reason and a document.

But we are in the next zone, the orange zone. We can go out, but we can’t leave town. Fines are heavy for any one who does, and they are strict.

I’ve been criss-crossing Florence for months now. I feel like I know almost every nook and cranny.

The garden behind the Archaeological Museum frustrates me in particular this week. Look at this early beautiful springtime tableau! These are the only daffodils and other spring-blooming bulbs I’ve seen flowering in Florence and they, along with the pink and the white magnolia trees, are behind bars. Florence doesn’t have (m)any gardens planted with spring bulbs as you would see in the UK or the USA.

My pictures look fulsome, but they were taken by holding my phone between the bars. Imagine that!

Springtime behind bars! Ugh! I am so frustrated!

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