Counting my everyday beauty blessings

There are rumors afloat that Tuscany is going into lockdown again on Monday, March 21. OMG, I hope not.

I’ve been whinging about being in the Orange Zone for weeks; haven’t been able to leave the Florence city limits. I may soon not be able to leave my house without an authorization form and a very good reason. No more walks across Florence for my pleasure, no more Cascine forays. When will this end? Summertime, I imagine.

So, let’s enjoy what I saw yesterday! Because springtime beauty is all around me.

And, up next, a little white magnolia action in the beauty department:

It occurred to me yesterday on my walk that I take the view below for granted. There was a time in my life when the just the idea of cypress trees and umbrella pines, never mind a bright blue sky, filled me with longing for Italy. And now, here I am, able to enjoy it daily. Count your blessings!

And, how’s this view below? A short walk from my house, I am in the hills below Fiesole, enjoying an unchanged for centuries vista of classic Tuscan countryside.

And lastly, the wisteria vine near my house is getting closer everyday to putting on its sublime lilac-colored show. Here is how the racemes are shaping up in March.

I always feel better after a long walk. Especially through all of this everyday beauty in Tuscany.

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