The way Florence looked this week

We’ve had a week of cool temperatures, cloudy skies, and quite a bit of rain. But, we’re in the Yellow Zone, whoopee!, and you gotta brave the weather!

Florence looks lovely as always, now through a canopy of deciduous tree leaves again!

The reddish/orange blooms below caught my eye. They seemed to be the color of flowering Japanese quince, but I knew it was too late in the spring for those blossoms. I opened by handy dandy plant app to discover what they actually were, and they are the blooms of pomegranate. This shrub, or tree, is still pretty new to me, so I am still learning. What pretty blossoms!

There were some lingering iris blossoms along my favorite path:

But, for me, nothing was more beautiful on that recent day than the stone wall, sprouting with moss and new ferns. How lovely the design!

Happy days are hear again!

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