My balcony garden right now!

My jasmine is blooming its little heart out right now and the scent is divine!

As you can see, I’ve got a lot of other blossoms right now too. The nasturtiums both self-seeded and also overwintered and are going strong right now. As soon as the Tuscan summer heat hits my balcony, which it will probably do next month, the nasturtiums will fade away. Do you remember that funny line from the movie “Silver Streak?” Gene Wilder’s character says to his amorous prey that “nasturtiums like it nasty.” In America nasturtiums like all the heat a summer can bring, but I’ve found in Florence they can’t take the heat.

I’ve also got marigolds blooming, which seems incongruous to me in the spring! But these overwintered and are doing just fine right now.

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