More great Italian door hardware

Check out the age of this metal-studded, wooden door, which is located on the beautiful avenue known as Via Maggio in the Oltrarno. I love the brute force of this rugged door and the aged quality of the door knock and studs.

Not far away is another door with an entirely different personality; the wood and metal of this one are as elegant as the other is rugged.

But, for me, nothing beats the elaborate elegance of this fishtail fancy wood work on this other door. The doorknock is unusual. I’ve never seen a fist design like this one before.

You can often find the door knock design below on palazzi doors around Florence, but I don’t often see them with such clearly articulate teeth holding the movable part.

And, finally for today, is this last design, showing a none-too-ferocious looking lion holding the movable part of the door knock made up of 2 dolphins. The whole is then surrounded by a complicated partial victory wreath, composed on the left side of oak leaves and acorns, and on the right, hmm…, I’m not sure exactly what leaf this is? Traditionally it is laurel that makes victory wreaths, but the circular berries look like holly? Chissa?

Even though I can’t decipher the meaning, the oak and laurel (?) were no doubt purposely chosen to tell something particular about the people who lived inside the building. Perhaps the oak leaf and laurel were a part of their family crest, or a part of their family name. These are the things that begin lost.

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