First day back and here’s what I see

It wasn’t my actual first day back, because it takes me quite a few days to decompress and get regulated with waking v sleeping hours. But, it was my first day back during which I was out, ready to enjoy the scenes in the city.

After a quick pick me up cappucino at Scudieri, I was off to wander my favorite streets. It’s interesting to me what catches my eye. I’ve seen all of these spots before, but now I see them anew.

Florence, you famed city of stone, what refreshing gardens you hold, deep inside.

Walking near the Accademia, I noticed this poster, which seems to be advertising the beginning of a new master’s course in the fine arts, beginning today, 1 September. Life is resuming as normal?

Below, a common sight throughout Italy, but a beloved sight nonetheless. Red geraniums.

What walk would be complete without a reference to Dante and street art in general?

I love these old mail slots found on the facades of many buildings. This one harkens back to the days when letters and telegrams were as common as emails.

A view of San Marco, Florence, complete with (German?) tourists.

One of the ubiquitous tabernacles. This one is in my neighborhood and it’s almost impossible to see the painted image under the glass.

I love living in a city in which poets are free to post their poems on city walls.

Even if some naysayer feels free to put graffiti on top of the poetry, saying “Fascist shit.” As the Wicked Witch of the West was fond of saying, “what a world, what a world.”

Yes, so there are plenty of naysayers, trying to rain on the parade. But art, like nature, is tenacious. See below.

That was my view on my first day back in the swim of things in lovely old Firenze.

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