Daily life in Florence

A happy day includes a stop at Forno Pugi, a Florentine bakery specializing in schiacciata in Piazza San Marco, Florence. Schiacciata is a delicious savory heated bread that topped with olive oil and salt and squished down to make it almost flat. The name come from the verb schiacciare, which means to squish or mash. The sign says, “bread, schiacciata, sweets and smiles.” I know I am smiling when I leave!

What I loved on this particular day, however, was the young woman with the corona of laurel leaves, festooned with red ribbons, berries and baby’s breath. I love this Italian custom of presenting a new college graduate with a laurel wreath, which they parade around the town in for a day of celebration with family and friends.

Walking away with my warm, fragrant schiacchiata, I wandered by the garden of the archaeology museum, which is always a delight. Today I noticed this classical sculpture, artfully set off by shrubs and flowers still blooming in late October. Ah….

A few blocks away, I noticed for the first time another sun dial. This one is high atop the Geographical Military palazzo, and although I walk down this street at least weekly, I never saw the sun dial before. It is extremely elaborate, just what you would expect from a military institution.

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