The fabulous period kitchen in the Palazzo d’Arco, Mantua

In this Neo Classically facaded palazzo, one can find an amazing period kitchen.

The kitchen dates to the 19th century and is a pleasant, small room where utensils and pots, pans and molds of copper, brass and pewter are displayed. The following description of the kitchen and its implements is taken from the palazzo’s website:

Near the entrance is a pasta press on which an alembic is placed. There is also a beautiful piece of furniture with a 17th-century base on which there are some coffee grinders, a bed warmer, jugs and various plates. There is a stone stove. On this is placed an ancient citrus juicer.

Above the stove a series of molds for figured cakes and puddings, some of which date back to the second half of the 17th century.

There is a spring mechanism for a rotisserie.

Another antique piece of furniture holds on a water tower, and the fireplace which, among other things, contains the springs to toast the coffee.

Running water was accessible to the kitchen by a tank located in the nearby mezzanine.

On this is the plate rack.

Moving along the north wall you will come across some mortars, a small table holding a scale with two plates, a second with a large teapot and a water tower on the wall.

Above this the classic “priest” whose warmer is at the base of the staircase to the attic.

On the steps are hand warmers. Under the staircase is a steelyard, the bottle holder and an ancient coffee grinder.

On the antique fir table, in the center, stands a Russian samovar.

A second with a large teapot and a water tower on the wall.

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