Assisi this winter

Just before New Year’s I had a chance to slip away to Assisi. I’m so glad I did! Here are various scenes of this charming hilltop town in Umbria:

Colorful meringues were for sale in this lovely old gelateria/pasticceria. It may be an Assisi speciality, for I don’t see these in other towns in Italy at Christmas.

As in so many Italian towns, the recently deceased are celebrated on a sign board. I find these so touching.

Below, Piazza del Commune in the center of the little town.

I have a long history at this lovely little hotel. Can’t wait to stay there again!

My favorite bar in Assisi. Near the home of my oldest and dearest Italian friend.
A friend and I are always entertained when we see the “perfume” of the various Italian cities. This one really bends the mind. “Piaggia S. Francesco” means “St. Francis beach.” Assisi is as landlocked as they come, so I can’t imagine what they are suggesting!

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