The picturesque train station at Assisi

I travel a lot by train in Italy and I love visiting new (to me) and old towns. No station that I have seen comes close to the picturesque nature of the one in Assisi! I adore it!

Even the script used for signage is charming. It speaks to the Medieval background of this precious place.

The plaque above states (roughly): The itineraries of the great Jubilee of 2000 led to Assisi, the center of Christian faith and spirituality. For this occasion the state railways have restored the old dignity of the station which, in the presence of the Honorable Enrico Micheli, Undersecretary to the President of the Council, handed over to the citizens of Assisi and to the visitors of the Franciscan places.

Interior of station.
Detail of fresco painting in station.
Looking at the ceiling of the exterior roof of the station.
A detail.

I am always highly entertained when I see priests and nuns on the streets of Italy. They are not as common as you would think. Here a group of nuns is waiting for a bus. They travel just like the rest of us!

This last set of pictures is not of the station, but was spotted on an old street in Assisi.

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