A Venetian miscellany, February 2022, Part 1

So much to see!

Here are snapshots from my recent week in Venice. Such a place!

Above: Let’s start with a pair of flat pink sandals I would have loved to buy!

Below, one of the 2 Fortuny stores I saw.

Store 1 in the sestieri of San Marco. Of course I went in and of course I bought myself a small souvenir.

Store 2, in the Dosoduro neighborhood:

Roses in bloom!

Below, the ceiling of my hotel room. I also had a view of the top of the Campanile in San Marco Square, but I forgot to take a picture. I must admit, whenever I was in my hotel room which was a stone’s throw from the piazza, I was in my bed resting if not sleeping. For, I ran myself ragged in Venice!

There is so much more to come! Watch this space!

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