The Bridge of Sighs and then what? Let’s go to Venetian prison, shall we?!

We all admire the Ponte dei Sospiri from the outside. It is truly lovely. But, think about what happened when you passed over that bridge on the inside. Definitely not so lovely!

On my recent trip to Venice, I spent some time looking at the interior of the bridge and the nearby prison cells. I remained calm and took photos, but honestly, with my imagination, I couldn’t wait to get out of that space! Please join me on what I hope will be my one and only time in prison.

Below is a look at the corridor that passes over the canal, with my fellow prisoners looking out the window for one last glance at the world outside.

The next few pictures show our view from the prisoner’s corridor. The views look over the canal and leads into the heart of Venice, not the so-called romantic look that points towards the lagoon.

Above were my last desperate looks at the freedom of the outside world.

Ok, enough prison for today! I find the way out:

Returning to the Ducal Palace, I get to pass over the bridge again, but this time the views out the window are toward the lagoon. To me, that means freedom! Andiamo! Sbrigati!

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