This and that around home in Florence

It’s been a long time since I posted an image from “Exit Enter” street artist. I enjoyed this painting on the street recently.

Billboard near my house for a musical, “Notre Dame of Paris.” I’m dreaming of Paris right now!

Note to self: whenever you are daydreaming about the “dolce vita” in Italia, remember the flip side. Here I am working for an hour in the Post Office trying to trace a package I shipped to France on November 3, 2021. They are both trying to figure out how to file a “reclaim” form to trace the stupid box. I doubt I will ever see it again and I’m 99% sure it will never arrive in France.

By the same token, recall that it took 1.5 hours at another Post Office to close out my bank account. Yes, my bank account in Italy was with the Post Office.

I recently bought the “Florentine card” which allows me free entrance into many city museums. Not all the museums in Florence, but some that are run by the city.

On a sweet note, a dear Italian friend has been feting me with treats from various regions of Italy. Two are below in the one photo. She is a mighty nice friend!

And, to end on a savory note, the same friend also treated me to these cheesy crackers. Yummy!

3 thoughts on “This and that around home in Florence

  1. Commiserations.
    We recently bought a vintage manual typewriter (Milan) to UK. It took months – lost documentations, the lot. It eventually arrived, intact, untampered with, or opened. And it’s lovely.
    So, the flip side and the top side.

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