Everyday Florence in March

Wandering around Florence on a Sunday morning is a favorite pastime. First up, in Piazza della Liberta, stands a mighty Medieval gateway into the city from the north: Porta San Gallo. Nowadays it is fronted by an early 20th century fountain with a spritely figure in the center that does nothing to capture the majesty of the solid tower. But, at least it adds some movement and lightness.

I make a weekly if not daily check of the wisteria vine on the paserella near my house. When it bursts into its lavender colored blooms, there is nothing to compare!

The church of the Valdese Evangelists is always a pretty sight, especially when set against a cloudless azure sky!

A sure sign of spring is this cascading yellow blossomed shrub, Rosa banksiae. Italians (or at least Florentines) use it to great effect to tumble over and soften the appearance of the ubiquitous walls in the city.

A wall of billboards advertise all kinds of museum exhibitions, shows and theatricals. One exhibition I don’t want to miss is the one at the Strozzi on Donatello, one of my favorite artists of all time.

Above are the colors of Florence I see when I shut my eyes and conjure up the city. I get such a kick out of the newstand/toy stores that dot the streets. The one above is sheltered within an a couple hundred year old logia, new against old.

This is camellia season and I love finding them in bloom in unexpected places! This little shrub is putting on a mighty show and looks fine backed by a field of marguerite daisies growing in the grass.

Ah, Florence! What is left to say?!

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