Benozzo Gozzoli and the Medici Chapel frescoes

These videos attempt to capture the incredible multi-media show that was a part of the recent exhibition on Benozzo Gozzoli. They are followed by the photos I took in the chapel frescoes, the capolavoro di Gozzoli. Special exhibition or not, this chapel is for me one the highlightiest highlights or art in Italy!

First, a little background. The chapel is in the home of the Renaissance family, the Medici, and to have permission to have a home chapel, dispensation from the Pope was necessary. Sought and gained. And, isn’t the world a better place for this dispensation having been given!

At the high altar, was the altar panel bearing Filippo Lippi’s Adoration in the Forest. This painting is now in Berlin after being sold in the 19th century, while a copy by a follower of Lippi remains in the chapel.

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