Paris, day 2

I’m living in the 16th arrondissement and learning my way around my new apartment and my new hood. This subway stop is closest to home, and I am memorizing it and the directions to descend. It isn’t bad that there is a view of the Eiffel Tower as well! This subway stop is well above ground!

If I look backwards from the subway signs, this is what I see.

I took the subway to La place Charles de Gaulle, aka Place de l’Étoile. I climbed the stairs out of the station and look what I saw! It never fails to impress!

There are 12 radiating boulevards emanating from the rotary around the Arc de Triomphe, and today I chose the Avenue Friedland as my path. I was enthralled with the architectural details I ran across.

Napoleon hotel and restaurant.

I’m probably the only tourist in Paris who wishes they could work alongside these guys for a day or two! I did it in Florence and I’d love to do it here!

Hello Balzac! I need to read more of your work. Note to self.

Nobody does doorways like the French. This woman was walking by and her coat matched the setting, so I took her picture.

Below, an Art Deco example of the same style of monumental building type.

And from Art Deco we go into late 20th century:

Below, some interesting art exhibitions currently in the city:

My friends will get the inside joke of the paintings below. I’m tempted to contact the gallery and see if they would like to sell some of my Florentine paintings!

There is always a view to be had in this amazing metropolis!

And there’s always something beautiful to look at:

2 thoughts on “Paris, day 2

  1. Dear Lauretta,,

    A very long overdue hello and thank you for your blog. I have been reading it faithfully for years.

    Was delighted to read that you are now in Paris. Visiting or living there for awhile?? If you are there the week of April 11 would you like to have Dinner one night???

    Dana and I are taking our belated birthday trip to Paris. Have rented an apartment on Rue de Grenelle for a week. My text/phone number is 914 522-1278.

    We arrive Sunday, the 10th. Hope this works out. XXPam


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