Daily life in Paris

My technology is not working well in its new home. My posts may be fewer and further between. Bear with me, please!

I love riding the #6 train across Paris and it is always a show, complete with music, views and actors. All the world’s a stage indeed!

First up, look at the left image in the metro stop below. Amazon Prime Video, flattening the world, one show at a time. And Netflix as well.

As I was walking down a street, I saw this t-shirt with an updated French phrase.

The beautiful Seine.
And its beautiful bridges!

There are a few of these interesting kiosks in the Latin Quarter (and elsewhere?) that sell home services such as plumbing, painting, moving, electrics, dog walking. Cool idea.

Above, Citypharma, the creme de la creme of French pharmacies! I spent a good hour in here this week and will be back. Love French skincare products.

It must be the 60s again, judging from the spring 2022 fashions I see! I like it!

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