My current Paris home

I love living in Passy, in the 16th arrondisement. It’s a very elegant residential neighborhood, but with all the shops one needs for an easy life, including markets and pharmacies. There are some really tony clothing shops as well wine and speciality food stores.

I’ve encircled my area on this Google map above and you can see how close I am to the Eiffel Tower. I get views of it everyday and feel very fortunate! See below.

In a city like Paris, one of the things that makes life livable is access to the metro. I’m perfectly situated between 2 subway stations on 2 major lines. It’s very convenient. As you can see from the Google map above how close I am to the Seine and there’s a major bus line that follows the river that also serves me well.

My closest metro station is above ground and if I go south on the line, it is an elevated train with great views of the river and the Eiffel Tower as I cross the bridge.

Paris isn’t like Florence in that it is not flat. Passy was built upon hills that rise up from the Seine basin and this area is extremely fortunate with the city infrastructure. There are 2 outdoor escalators that run around the clock bringing me and my neighbors up from the river to the elevated train station and further on up into my neighborhood.

The video above shows the first leg of the escalator that essentially brings passengers up from the Seine to halfway up the hill. The 2nd video shows the 2nd escalator ride and where it ends with beautiful Haus Haussmannien architecture. There are even blooming yellow roses in April!
Above, I live in this building.

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