The Louvre, Part 1

Oh, the Louvre. What can I say? I love you and I hate you. Your collections and edifice are magnificent. They are both grandiose. You are too big, too full, with too many people and not enough good directional signes.

Ah, but I do my best.

On this visit, after locating the coat check room and fighting with the automated lockers for 30 minutes, I finally found my way into this stupendous sunlit gallery filled with remarkable French sculpture.

What caught my eye in the abundant statuary today were these marble sculptures depicting movement. I never know from day to day what will attract my attention.

There were another set of running figures nearby. Love these!

The sculpture below caught my eye because of its overabundance!

A couple of directional signs that really weren’t very helpful where they were placed. But, they do exisit.

Prepare yourself for time travel, the next image is from a much later period. Welcome to my tour of the Louvre!

Time travel alert! We are back in the Renaissance French sculpture galleries:

Inside the galleries, I liked this exhuberant kneeling figure with her ruff collar. Can you imagine the time it took to carve just the collar?

I spent just over 2 hours in the Louvre today (that is my limit for art museums), being lost, getting frustrated, fighting crowds and noise and chaos, and trying to commune with art works. It wasn’t easy.

When I arrived at the Louvre today I looked like this.

After getting through the coat check and fighting the din and crowds of the central reception area, I was beginning to feel like the picture below, but I was still game.

After 2 hours in the galleries, I felt like the picture below. I was cranky, tired and needed a nap.

2 thoughts on “The Louvre, Part 1

  1. Before, during and after – made me laugh out loud.
    Imagine one wrong move oj that collar!
    And the managing of balance in the running statues.
    I am in awe at the sheer skill.

    Automated lockers – beware your dreams!

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